Junghans M82 military watch

A watch, especially suitable as a military watch


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; Front


Junghans catalog 1959


Junghans catalog 1959

The Junghans catalog of 1959 offers a watch that is "particularly suitable as a military watch". These watches never were used by an army. The Junghans M82 is extremely rare and the few available watches show a dating from April 1958. Since these watches in the catalog were already marked as "sold out" on 06.09.1960, there are probably not too many models left.

Reference number 82/0652

tropical dial


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; Front


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; Front

The watch with the reference number 82/0652 originally had a "polished black metal dial with luminous figures ans hands". Today, the dial would called a tropical dial.

The radium luminous mass is only luminescent for a few seconds.


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; movement


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; back


Junghans M82; Junghans 682.73; Junghans J82/3; Detail dial

With its characteristic hour hand, which appears square in the center and the red second hand, the watch stands out slightly from the other watches from the Junghans range. The movement is the dependable Junghans J82 in chronometer grade with the typical sector spline fine adjustment and a large Glucydur screw balance that oscillates at 18,000 A/h and still achieves chronometer readings.

The case back and the crown were well sealed and Junghans donated the chronometer, which was suitable as a service watch, a case from Pforzheim-based manufacturer Richard Pfisterer, in which the bottom was pressed onto the seal by a threaded ring.

Noch eine Dienstuhr?


Junghans J93S1; Junghans 693.70; Front


Junghans J93S1; Junghans 693.70; Werk; movement


Junghans J93S1; Junghans 693.70; back


Junghans catalouge 1960

The same design of dial and hands as for the M82 was used again in 1960 - with a Junghans J93S1 movement and a case with square lugs. Despite the obvious same design there can´t be found any hint or recommendation for this watch as a service watch in the catalog of 1960.