The most beautiful: Junghans J88 / Part I

The Bundeswehr-variant of the Caliber J88


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; Front


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; movement


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; back

The Junghans J88 military was presented to the Bundeswehr in 1955 for consideration and prevailed over the competitors and thus became the official "Dienstchronograph"  for the pilots.

There are three types in total (more details in the book "Faszination Junghans"), here the most typical variant with the twelve bays is presented, the so called "Type 111". There are many dial variants: The Junghans-star with below JUNGHANS, the Junghans shown with 19 RUBIS underneath, this variant is also the other way around, above 19 RUBIS, below JUNGHANS. Also dials on which only JUNGHANS is printed exist.

The Radium lume


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; radium lume


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; radium lume


Junghans J88; Junghans 688.70; radium lume

The watch was in a drawer since 1966. Nevertheless, the luminous material can be activated (even if only briefly). Interesting detail: The bezel also has an exposed radium point, which is twisted at 11 o'clock on the watch shown.