The Top Product: Junghans J83

A watch of superlatives

The all-rounder Junghans J83

"Masterstroke and top product in the construction of wristwatches of the company Junghans and probably of German postwar production was undisputed and generally accepted the automatic chronometer movement J83 produced from 1957 which Junghans had patented."


So an article from the magazin „Alte Uhren; 4; Oktober 1982“ starts and Gisbert L. Brunner does not describe in vain this Junghans caliber in superlatives.

A late bloomer

The caliber shows various stages of development and variants


Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71; Front


Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71; movement


Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71; movement

The 12½ lignes gold-plated automatic chronometer movement was manufactured  1957 - 1964.

The Junghans J83, from 1962-63 it was called Junghans 683, had in the first series only 28 jewels and had weaknesses in the rotor drive. This early version is now much sought after and pretty rare.

The case back problem


Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71; 29 Jewels; back


Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72; back

Although on nearly all (known to me) back lids is engraved 28 jewels, is most commonly found inside the altered and modified movement with 29 stones.


junghans J83; Junghans 683.71; 28 Jewels; back

In the above photo which also has the back cover with 28 jewels, the earlier version of the movement is included with actually only 28 Jewels.


The different mounting of the heavy metal


Junghans J83; Rotor engraving 29 Jewels


Junghans J83; heavy metal ring on rotor


Junghans J83; Junghans 683; three srews on back of the rotor

In the modified version of the outer rotor ring has been improved by a screwed heavy metal ring. On the pictures above you can see the screws.



Junghans J83; 28 Jewels; movement


Junghans J83; 28 Jewels; movement


Junghans J83; 28 Jewels; movement

In the rare older version with 28 jewels the outer rotor ring is gilded and probably only soldered. Here the riveting is missing.


Special features of the caliber Junghans J83


Junghans J83; change gear

The movement offers a powerful rotorwind in both directions by a gear changer, that teases the spring on a power reserve of 40 hours.


Junghans J83; detail chronometer regulation


Junghans J83; vertical balance screws

The escapement has a particularly large monometallic, gold-plated beryllium bronze ring-balance with one (later version two) vertical adjustment screw on the balance arms, a Nivarox flat spiral, the classic Junghans-shockprotection II and the precision regulator with very wide adustment range and sector gear (how even to be found at the Junghans J82).

On the use of a Breguet spiral has been omitted in favor of lower overall height, which on the accuracy, however, had no effect.

Enhancing these yet the balance is swinging with higher gear, namely 19800 half-vibrations / hour. All variants feature a hacking for precise comparison with the time signal. The case shapes range from variants of chrome plated brass, stainless steel, gold-plated over with 20 Micron Golddoublé up to the solid gold with 585 gold.

The advertising wheel was stirred!


advertising Junghans J83; 28 Jewels


Magazine advertising Junghans chronometer automatic

The original version with 28 Jewels cost in 1957 at least DM 170.00. That time the monthly salary was DM 420.25 on average.

With massive golden ribbon the watch then cost 1980.00 DM.


The variants

In the late version of "normal" J83 (Junghans 683.71) with 29 jewels and an altered balance was later used that (as in the Junghans chronometer J85) has already 4 leveling screws. In these later stages of development the rocking bar has been slightly modified.

The Junghans J83 S (Junghans 683.73 without date; Junghans 683.75 with date) is the latest version. It has (according to the Junghans J85, a Reed's regulator) and the changes of the late version as described above, a simpler precision regulator.

Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72



Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72; Front


Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72; movement


Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72; movement


Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72; back


Junghans J83/1; vergoldet; Front; photo/collection: M. Bütow

The Junghans J83/1 (Junghans 683.72) has a date display.

Junghans J83 E

Junghans 683.74 without date; Junghans 683.76 with date


Junghans J83E Datum; Max Bill; Front; photo/collection: Bütow


Junghans J83E Datum; Max Bill; movement; photo/collection: Bütow

The Junghans J83 E (Junghans 683.74 without date; Junghans 683.76 with date) is a simpler and cheaper version with simplified hands regulation, with chromed movement and without chronometer certification. The "E" could stand for "Economy".

There is further information on the caliber Junghans J83: Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72 und Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71 (28 Jwls) und hier: Junghans J83, Junghans 683.71 (29 Jwls)

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