Junghans 667.20

Caliber Junghans 667.20


Junghans 667.20; Front


Junghans 667.20; movement


Junghans 667.20; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Junghans
  • Trademarks/imprint: six-pointed star with white J; JUNGHANS; quartz; below 6: MADE IN GERMANY; Back: ALL STAINLESS STEEL SHOCK- AND WATERRESISTANT/DIN ANTIMAGNETIC
  • Number of jewels: 7
  • Escapement: Quarz
  • Dimensions of movement:
  • Time of production: 1976 – 1979
  • Functions: Quarz; hacking, date quick set
  • Display: hour, minute, sweep second, date at 3
  • Dial: black; applied, chrome-plated bar hour indexes with white line, at the outer end lume dots; printed white minute line
  • Hands: chromed bars with white line and lume
  • Second hand: small thread with counterweight
  • Case shape: Cushion, with angular lines
  • Case diameter (mm): 40
  • Case material: Steel
  • Back: Steel
  • Bracelet and clasp: original; steel



Junghans 667.20; crown up


Junghans 667.20; clasp and bracelet


Junghans 667.20; movement


Junghans 667.20; movement


Junghans 667.20; movement


Junghans 667.20; case back inside

This watch with the original bracelet and just such clasp shows two different Junghans trademark: On the dial and on the movement is the J in the six -pointed star, on the clasp the J in the eight-pointed star.

The angular design of the case takes the logical continuation of the edges and corners of the bracelet, which still has an excellent wearing comfort. The crown in the compressed state is completely protected hidden in the case.

The setting of the hands has two notches. The first detent is for quick date set, in the second position the time is adjusted (with hacking feature). The mineral glass is scratched and the edge is bumped. The watch seems not to be saved and shows traces of years of use at hard work, but still works perfectly.

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Junghans 667.20; Mercury; Front


Junghans 667.20; Mercury; movement


Junghans 667.20; Mercury; back

The dial of the watch is labeled with MERCURY, which refers to the Pforzheim watch and case manufacturer Robert Kauderer (Roberta watch factory). The imprint on the snap-on case back also points directly to it: MERCURY / ROBERTA

Das Zifferblatt der Uhr ist mit MERCURY gelabelt, das auf den Pforzheimer Uhren- und Gehäusehersteller Robert Kauderer (Roberta-Uhrenfabrik) hinweist. Auch die Prägung auf dem Boden zeigt direkt dorthin: MERCURY/ROBERTA