Junghans J80/4; Junghans 680.72; Meister

Caliber Junghans J80/4; Junghans 680.72; Meister

sub second; no shock protection; one-piece wheel train


Junghans J80/4 Meister; Junghans 680.72; Front


Junghans J80/4 Meister; Junghans 680.72; movement


Junghans J80/4 Meister; Junghans 680.72; back

  • Type: mens wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Junghans
  • Trademarks/imprint: JUNGHANS; Meister Back: J with eight pointed star; Boden Edelstahl
  • Number of jewels: 15
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance staff: two-legged screw balance
  • Shock protection: no
  • Features: escape wheel cock not separat
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions: 10.5“‘
  • Production period: G8 Juli 1938
  • Functions: hand winding
  • Display: hour, minute, small second
  • Dial: Silver dial with colored area; Luminescent numerals; black printed minute lines
  • Hands: Thread
  • Second hand: Thread with counterweight
  • Case form: rectangular, slightly bulbous
  • Case diameter (mm): 32 x 33 mm
  • Case material: brass, chromed
  • Back: Steel, pressed
  • Bracelet: none



Junghans J80/4; Junghans 680.72 Meister; movement

The embossing G8 shows the production month ans year: July 1938

Caliber overview


Caliber classification Junghans J80, Junghans J81

The movements were produced at the same time with or without divided wheel bridge. There are versions with 7, 11, 13, 15, 16 and 17 jewels.

There's caliber Junghans J80 with various imprints on the bridge: J80S; J80M (was probably Meister).