Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72

Caliber Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72

sweep second; no shock proof; separate escape-wheel cock


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; Front


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; movement


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Junghans
  • Trademarks/imprint: JUNGHANS; Back: J in eight-pointed star; Boden Edelstahl
  • Number of jewels: 17
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance staff: two-leg screw balance
  • Shock protection: no
  • Particularity: sweep second; separate escape-wheel cock (incomplete)
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions of movement: 10.5“‘
  • Time of production: 1932 – to 1940ies
  • Functions: manual winding
  • Display: hour, minute, sweep second (missing)
  • Dial: black, partly patinated; arab. Luminescent (largely absent); encircling minute track, white printed lines
  • Hands: Feuille
  • Second hand: missing
  • Case shape: round
  • Case diameter (mm): 36
  • Case material: Chrome-plated brass; Chromium almost completely absent
  • Backn: Steel, pressed
  • Strap/bracelet: none



Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; Werk; movement


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; movement


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; movement

This caliber is pretty rare and unfortunately I have only this incomplete and not yet obsolete watch. Parts of the fixing of the central second missing. The second wheel is missing and thus also the second hand.

The combination shown here using the sweep second with a separate escape-wheel cock has certainly not built to last.

Here is the movement with a singular train bridge: Junghans J80; Junghans 680.72; Zentralsekunde

Separate escape-wheel cock versus one-piece train bridge


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; separate escape-wheel cock


Junghans J80/3; Junghans 680.72; detail train bridge