Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75

Caliber Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75

Automatic; Power Reserve Indicator


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Front


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; movement


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; movement


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Junghans
  • Trademarks/imprint: JUNGHANS AUTOMATIC 22 JEWELS; Back: STAINLESS STEEL BACK SHOCK & WATERPROOF; J in eight-pointed star
  • Number of jewels: 22
  • Escapement: lever escapement
  • Balance staff: two-leg screw balance; scuttled screws
  • Shock protection: Junghans II
  • Particularity: Automatic; Power Reserve Indicator
  • Beats per hour: 18.000 A/h
  • Dimensions of movement: 10.5”’, corresponds to 23,3 mm, mit Guide ring for Automaticrotor: 29,8 mm; height 7 mm
  • Period of production: 1951 – 1953
  • Functions: automatic, power reserve indication
  • Display: hour, minute, sweep second, power reserve indication (at 6)
  • Dial: outer circle: cream; gilded Roman numerals (XII, III, VI, XI); gilded wedge indexes; inner circle: silver plated; radium dots; 12 luminous triangle; black minute lines, printed
  • Hands: Sword with luminous
  • Second hand: red; thread with counterweight
  • Case shape: round
  • Case diameter (mm): 35 mm
  • Case material: Brass, chromed; Support material with visible parts
  • Back: Steel, screwed
  • Bracelet/strap: no



Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; movement


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; movement dialside

The Junghans J80 / 12 was the first German movement with power reserve indicator. During this time, some customers did not trust the automatic winding, therefore Junghans decided to solve this problem with a display of the power reserve. With this watch to Junghans ventured into the field of automatic watches.


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Gangreservenanzeige zeigt leichten Aufzug


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Unruh; balance wheel


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Werk; movement


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Werk; movement

Anders als bei den herkömmlichen Junghans J80 verwendete man eine autokompensierende Flachspirale und eine Spezial-Nickel-Unruh, deren Ausgleichsschrauben im Reif versenkt sind. Die Entwickler ließen sich das Differential-Getriebe zur Ermittlung der Gangreserve patentieren, der Rotor besitzt einen Schwermetallreif, der beidseitig über einen Wippen-Wechsler  bis zu einer Gangreserve von 40 h aufzieht.

Variant with black dial


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Front


Junghans J80/12; Junghans 680.75; Front

Here is an example for the version with a black dial.

In the archiv of the Workshop you can find the revision of a Junghans J80/12 with the black dial.

Hour and minute hands are questionable original. It already is, however, the second watch that I see with exact that hand variant. Maybe the watch was but delivered from the factory that way.