Junghans 600.00

Caliber Junghans 600.00



Junghans 600.00; Front


Junghans 600.00; movement


Junghans 600.00; back


Junghans 600.00; back

  • Type: men´s wristwatch
  • Manufacturer on dial: Matthey-Doret
  • Trademarks/Imprints: Matthey-Doret; six pointed star; electronic; below centre: TRANSITORIZED JEWELLED; below 6: MADE IN GERMANY; Back: six pointed star with J; JUNGHANS electronic; ATO-CHRON; Number: 37036; SHOCK-AND WATERPROOF * MADE IN GERMANY
  • Number of jewels: 17
  • Escapmement: electrically driven balance oscillating system; Rubin pin lever
  • Balance staff: transistor controlled; Fine adjustment via eccentric with additional joint
  • Shock protection: Star-Shock
  • Features: electronically controlled balance motor; Rubin pin lever
  • Beats per hour: 21.600 A/h
  • Dimensions of movement: 13,5'''
  • Production period: Developement 1967; Production 1968
  • Functions: balance stop when crown is pulled
  • Display: hour, minute, sweep second
  • Dial: round; silvery; black, applied bar hour-markers; greater at 12 and 3 6 9; all with black line ; Star applied; printed remaining signature; orbiting black, printed minute-lines; lume-dots at hours, double at 12
  • Hands: Bar with lume und black bar
  • Case shape: round, crown (polygonal) between 4 and 5
  • Case diameter (mm): 36
  • Case material: brass, gildet
  • Back: pressed
  • Bracelet: none



Junghans 600.00; Detail fine adjustment

Unlike the successor models, the original form of the Junghans 600 has an eccentric fine adjustment with an additional joint.

The crown of the electromechanically driven movement has to be drawn only to position the hands. Since the watch does not have to be manually wounded, the Junghans designers could use an unusually shaped crown, which is well protected by the lower lug.