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Finally released - Faszination Junghans!

The book - Faszination Junghans!


Faszination Junghans - Seven decades wristwatches from Schramberg

Now on Instagram: @junghansvintage

Now on Instagramm! goes one step further: Many photos of old Junghans watches can now be found on Instagram:


A rare Meister - Junghans J84/S

A rare Meister!


Presumably only a few months - or even only one - Junghans produced this caliber.

Junghans J84/S Meister

Junghans with Caliber Peseux 7050

Junghans mit Kaliber Peseux 7050


Once again Junghans used a foreign movement - the Peseux 7050

Peseux 7050

New subfolder - From the curiosity Cabinet

Curiosity Cabinet


Again and again strange creations appear, which are to be shown here.

New subfield - List of serial numbers

List of serial numbers has something new to offer: The "List of serial numbers" section


Junghans 651.02 with ETA 2472

Automatic by a foreign producer

Junghans 651.02


Junghans probably also used movements by ETA between 1963 and 1971.

Junghans 693.25

Junghans 693E; Junghans J93S

Junghans 693.25


A watch without second hand.

Junghans Rubicon

A Junghans pocket watch of the year 1914

Junghans Rubicon


A pocket watch for everybody!

News on your own ...

A book is on its way!

The data of new Junghans watches on will be entered a little less quickly next year.

Junghans 651.02 Meister; ETA 2472

Junghans 651.02 Meister; ETA 2472


Finally again a new watch in the list!

Caliber Junghans J56; Diehl D156

A long but successful search!


A small rarity is presented here: a Junghans J56 with separate balance bridge made for Diehl.

A skeleton in the closet - Junghans 698.72

Junghans J98; Junghans 698.72


Long in the collection - only now presented: Junghans J98

New watch at the caliber J82

Junghans J82/5; Junghans 682.75; Meister


Again masterfully - a new Junghans J82/5 is presented!

Movement of a Junghans J83 E; Junghans 683.74

Junghans J83 E; Junghans 683.74


Only the movement can be presented...

Date at 6 - Junghans 620.58

A new one: Junghans 620.58


A new watch at the caliber 620.

The Picto Watch

The "New Design“


Junghans has not only Max Bill to offer - other designers left traces.

A Quarz-Chronometer

Junghans 21/4900


Multifunctional in its early phase - A quartz chronometer which is still analog.

Presentation of a prototype

Minivox Preseries


The caliber Junghans J89 was initially equipped with a dual-diaphragm base - only a few models of these pre-series exist.

Gramophone-movement of Junghans

Junghans is versatile.


Junghans produced movements for gramophones for the confectionery company Stollwerck.

New section

Presentation of important patents

A new section has been created - patents

News at Max Bill

More watches at Max Bill


Growth in the dial version 2

A chronometer in a full package!

Junghans J83/S; Junghans 683.75


A Junghans watch that will make every collector's heart beat faster: Junghans J83/S; Junghans 683.75

One of the earliest Meister!

Simply masterly!


From 1936 awards Junghans for its finest watches the predicate "Meister".

Junghans 41/4345/1; ETA 963.116 SC

Again quartz!

Junghans 41/4345/1; ETA 963.116


A new Quar(t)z-caliber is presented!

New recruit to the Roaring 70s !

The Caliber Junghans 623.25


Again a gap less: Here is shown an Economic variant of the 623er group.

Sheffield with Caliber ESA Y2 9154

Sheffield electronic


It may not always be Junghans ? But certainly - the watch has already left me.

Junghans J83/S; Junghans 683.73

News at the Chronometers


The caliber Junghans J83 with Reed's regulator - Junghans J83/S; Junghans 683.73

Growth in foreign calibres

A filled gap!


Junghans used many foreign calibres and again I can fill a gap!

The Trade Press about the Junghans J88

An articel written by a Junghans-Constructor


One of the most beautiful chronograph movement in the former trade press

Increase in the caliber Junghans 623

Junghans 623.20 without shock protection of the escape wheel.


A Junghans 623.20 without shock protection of the escape wheel

Another electromechanical Junghans watch

Junghans DATO-CHRON Junghans 600.12


It continues with the electromechanical: Junghans 600.12 DATO - CHRON

Much new in "Junghans on paper"

Magazins, advertising, printed informations...


Agressive advertising of Junghans in the former watchmaking newspapers - The watchmakers not passed Junghans!

Revision with obstacles

Revision of a Junghans J98/5; Junghans 698.75


If I bring this movement due to lack of spare parts to the limit of my repair skills?

Water damage and rust

Junghans 620.56; Diehl 620.56


Revision of a caliber Junghans 620.56; Diehl 620.56

Junghans at its best - Junghans J82; Junghans 682.70

Junghans J82; Junghans 682.70


Revision of a caliber Junghans J82; Junghans 682.70

Revision of a Junghans Discus

Junghans 653.01; Durowe 7526


One of my so far most difficult and most complex repairs...

Junghans J88; Junghans 688.00

Junghans J88 without shock protection


This has been lacking: Junghans J88 without shock protection

Once again Quartz

Junghans compact with date


Introducing a Junghans compact with the caliber ETA 963.116 and the Junghans reference 41/1612

The Chronometer in perfekt condition

New photos!

Junghans J83; Junghans 683.71


Photos of the solid gold version of the Junghans J83 and photos of a perfect J83 in steel in almost NOS condition!

Many thanks to W. Krause and RB!

Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72

New photos of a great watch!


There is a new watch added at the Chronometer with date (Junghans J83/1; Junghans 683.72) (look at "another example").

With many thanks to RB!

Test certificate for Chronometer

Test certificate for Chronometer


Junghans test certificate for Chronometer J82/3 1955

A rare Junghans J80/3

Sweep second with separate escape-wheel cock


So far I could only introduce the Junghans 680.72 , but at last there is a new...

Another step to solve the mystery

Fog around Westclox


The fog around Westclox and Junghans is getting more and more dense

Junghans olympic with Buren 11

Junghans equipped with a legend


Here is presented a Junghans olympic featuring the legendary caliber Buren 11 with its Micro-rotor and crown at 9.

Thanks to M. Bütow for the disposal of this magnificent watch!

Papery documents

Junghans on paper


Everything about the beautiful theme Junghans on paper: old photos, postcards, advertising sheets, and, and, and...

New addition to the caliber list

Junghans 684.12


Meister with date.

New addition to the electromechanical Junghans Watches


Junghans 600.10


ATO-CHRON in steel

A gilt Chronograph

the Caliber Junghans J88

The most beautiful - Part II


After Junghans J88 in the Bundeswehr version finally the civil version!

New addition to the caliber

Junghans 620.02


That has been lacking to the caliber Junghans 620: a Junghans 620.02 - with date and sweep second

Revision of a caliber Junghans J84/S3; Junghans 684.76

The workshop provides a news...


A Junghans Meister is overhauled - with little surprises!

Junghans J81 Meister

A little masterpiece


A small movement in the case of a Gents watch, the reason why the sales success did not materialize ?

Junghans J58 with only 7 Jewels

Junghans J58, a little surprise


The Junghans J58 was me so far known only with 15 Jewels but now i´m glad I found one with only 7 Jewels...

Caliber Junghans J93; Junghans 693.86

Junghans J93; Junghans 693.86


A new caliber is shown!

New Junghans devotionals!

Posters, display units...!


Some new Junghans utensils are displayed - display units, posters, pocket knives and much more.

A new example for a caliber Junghans J96

This time without chrome...


A new example for a caliber Junghans J96 came to the collection.