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Dear Visitor of this Webseite!

For those who prefer to have it in their hands: The two books Faszination Junghans and Deutsche Armbandchronometer und Qualitätsuhren are available - more details under the heading Books!


Junghans Marke

Driven by my enthusiasm for Junghans vintage watches I decided to create this website about old Junghans wrist-watches.


The aim is to have at least once presented and described at some point all Junghans wrist-watch calibers, to cultivate exchange with other collectors, to collect missing information and fill existing knowledge gaps. On this page watches will be shown that were everyday-companions, that were not necessarily treated with care and could tell long stories if they were able to speak. Perhaps in this way one or the other Junghans watch still tell their own story.

It's not about NOS watches (New Old Stock), but also perhaps unrestored witnesses of their time. Of course the one or other "perfect" watch will be showing ...

Why is this watch brand so fascinating for collectors?


Aufkleber Olympiade 1972

Diversity in models and products, rare early wristwatches, affordability of flea-market bargains, up to very expensive watches, which are found almost exclusively on watch-exchanges or dealers are some reasons to collect Junghans watches. There are collectors that collect only a certain caliber and try to catch this in all varieties, with and without date, small second or sweep second, in various dial variations or the different cases and materials.

Other enthusiasts are looking on specific issues watches, for example, the Junghans Olympic series, which is from the classic three-hand watch up to the chronograph. Still others look for watches of a specified time and collect only Junghans watches of a particular era, for example, only watches of the 70's. Increasingly popular is the hunt for watches with certain quality, at Junghans especially the certified chronometers and watches marked with Meister.

Junghans Olympic gesamt.jpg

Zeitschriftenwerbung Olympiade 1972

Rarely there are brands with such a long history, rarely, there are companies with their products quality, design and innovation are so tightly linked, as with Junghans. The traditional company managed early on to use all possible markets, always there were clocks in high and highest quality, but also cheap watches to suit every budget. It sounds like the American dream of rags to riches, because the founders of the company started with the production of straw hats, and finally ended up with high-precision timepieces.

In the last 150 years there have been many larger and smaller watch manufacturers in Germany. Even by the well-known are only a few existent and have survived this long period. Even with Junghans there was plenty of ups and downs, until the bankruptcy in 2008. But Junghans is convalesces after the last breakdown, is now expanding and writes in the black.

This website wants to deal primarily with the mechanical men-watches of Junghans from the period between 1927 until the 1970s, but the way to the development of the watch must not lose sight of individual milestones.

In this sense...


... a lot of fun while browsing !

And since I am neither watchmaker nor archivist, some errors will occur... Such side thrives on constantly improving and growing, so do not hesitate to contact me!

Martin Fischer